Many webmasters have created websites with hopes of making money or striking it rich. Typically the most prominent solution proposed is that they should start a blog. A blog is certainly a tried and proven method, but it is time intensive, and success is relatively difficult to accomplish. Even once the author begins to make money from the blog, they must constantly write new articles to keep the blog current. If you do not frequently post then the blog can become outdated rather quickly. There are many ways to make money online, but the easiest method has to be with passive income.

Passive Strategies

Over time a blog might be considered passive income. Still relevant articles written a years ago will still make money through affiliates and advertising revenue. But for truly passive income you will want to create a turn-key website. Write the articles once and be done with it. How is it done? The website needs to rank number 1 on Google. The first page is OK, but for the best results the number 1 spot is required. Actually getting a new website into the top 10 is quite difficult unless you target keywords with the skill of an expert. The remedy then, is to do just that.

You can see examples of this all over the web, but specifically where the AdSense keyword payout is high. “ASE study guides” and “2 year degrees are both suitable examples to use. “Free ASE Studyguides” ranks first for “ASE study guides” yet the website is simple, trouble-free, and best of all entirely passive.

The website generates money in a few ways:

Google AdSense: for this specific key term the average payout is around 11 dollars per click, and will typically earn around 1700 a month for the number one website. The website owner employs Amazon’s affiliate program, and sells relevant reference books to site viewers. It is highly likely that the viewers will click and purchase the books, as they found the website by typing in “ASE study guides” The Amazon affiliate system offers various commissions depending on completed sales. The rates start at 4% and go up from there.

The website in the example features twenty pages, and I would speculate the author is achieving 1,500 to 4,000 a month, without even batting an eye! The website is an example of a well designed system that exists for just one reason: give the visitor what they want, and give them plenty of chances to head over to advertisements that generate money.

How to Duplicate the Success

In order to achieve similar results you will need to find a niche, or highly targeted subject that will make money. Begin by brainstorming ideas for websites. If you are drawing a blank on finding a niche, then think of a few things that motivate you. Whether it is something you are afraid of, want to learn, or just enjoy then write them down. Take those ideas and run them through a free tool to determine if there is a spot to enter the niche, and how much you can expect to earn. Study the sites in the example provided to duplicate their process.