With endless ways to earn money at home on the Internet it can be hard to choose which avenue to pursue. With Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, auction sites, dropshipping it’s no small wonder a person can be a little uncertain about how to earn money at home.

However, I’m not going to talk about any of those today. Instead I’m going to tell you about providing a much needed service online for small businesses offline. You see right now local businesses are finding it tough out there and they are desperate to synchronize an online aspect into their offline endeavors, but are faced with two pressing problems that basically stop them dead in their tracks.

1. Time: business owners are so caught up in the day to day operation that they can’t focus on the Internet.

2. Knowledge: The average local business owner has no idea how to utilize the Internet for his or her own gain.

Because of these stumbling blocks opportunity knocks for the entrepreneurial mind. Did you know that video marketing now accounts for 60% of all online promotions and that YouTube is now the second or third largest search engine? Are you beginning to see how you can earn money online? By making simple promo videos for local businesses you can be earning up to $500 dollars per day at home.

But it gets better you see, because you can create these videos completely free, and in some cases in a matter of minutes. There are free resources on your PC and online that you can use to earn you money as a web video producer. Here’s an example of what you can do; contact a local business, ask if they have a website, ask if they would like to earn more money from their site, very few will say no. Tell them your plans to make videos about their business and distribute them online.

Then go down to their shop or office wherever it is with a digital camera. Take a compliment of pictures in their natural environment and upload them to your computer. Now you have several choices to produce the video,

1. You can open up Microsoft power point and create slides with text slipped in between each photo then save all the slides as jpg files and transfer to windows movie maker to edit and add effects and audio or music.

2. Import the photos directly into windows movie maker, and edit with audio effects and transitions plus text.

3. Use Flicker to create a slideshow.

4. Go to Animoto a free video creation site and upload pictures and create text and add in royalty free music and BAM in a couple of minutes you got a video ready to upload to YouTube.

But you don’t only want to distribute to YouTube there are hundreds of video sites out there, mass exposure is the key. These are just a few of the tips you need but essentially this is the core strategy you need to adopt to earn money at home from offline video promotion.