In this article we are providing tips to market your website which can be done by anyone except for point 1 for which you need to have technical knowledge and for point 2 you should have flair for writing. These tips are which we have learned in our four years of practice are no ‘get quick rich’ kind of tips, it will take some time for your site to rank high. Believe us if someone providing SEO Services says ‘they can rank your website high for keywords immediately’, you should look at them with suspicious eye, either they might be employing black hat SEO or they are plainly lying. To get the optimal results you need to follow all these steps and also allocate ample time of yours for monitoring and analyzing.

Search Engine Marketing is to market your website so that it’s visible to both people and search engines. You can take the following points as inputs when marketing the websites.

1. Make sure your website is SEO optimized so that search engines can crawl better. The most important in SEO optimizing your websites is including keywords in URLs and descriptive meta tags. For more info please read our article on Website Optimization. No matter how much Search Engine Marketing (SEM) you do if you don’t follow this step it may not give you the results.

2. Write articles on your websites related topics and publish them on article websites listed below and make sure you filled the author column and point it back to your websites. Remember don’t to try to post the same article in many websites as search engines will easily detect them and they won’t count them as links.

3. Create classified ads in the website explaining your products and services. There are many free classified providers in your country, choose at least few which are popular in your country.

4. Become a expert for the topics in your website and write some new and unique content in your website. We know its not easy but by constantly checking what is happening in your field and reading the appropriate magazines and websites you can try to become one. But please don’t copy the content if you think you can’t write fresh on the same topic, just summarize the important points in the article and remember fresh content is the key for ranking high on search engines. Search engines easily detect duplicate content.

5. Have a content management systems instead of plain old HTML website, CMS will help you to create ‘content’ on fly which is the most important for your website to rank high. Also CMS gives visitor the ability to discuss, comment and rate on your products, services or content.

6. If your website gets lot of traffic from search engines, install Analytics software such as Google Analytics or Piwik or some other software, see how are you faring for keywords for the following; average time spent on site, number of actions performed by the visitors and bounce rate. These gives you lot of inputs on whether people visiting on your site are getting the information they need based on the keywords.

7. Remember SEO & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) takes time and lot of patience and lot of your time. And you should be constantly monitoring the analytics and finding where you are not performing and where you are performing.

8. After all this you will be seeing results, and search engines will trust your websites but wait a minute you need to constantly be doing all the above mentioned steps so as to keep the trust.