XsitePro & SBI are very different web business programs. Let’s take a look at what is different between XsitePro and SBI.


Site Build It is a total package. It includes (among other things) domain name, hosting, website interface (online), link exchange facility, research tools, “point and click” sales letters and forum support all for an annual fee (currently $299). It is online based and the focus is about creating a business.

Site Build It is ideal for a total beginner who has no wish or intention to learn each discipline beyond a standard level.


XsitePro (XSP) is a desktop website creation program with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) functions and also HTML and CSS functionality. Xsitepro is more a software program rather than an affiliate marketing business model. Current retail price is $197.

Feature Comparison

SBI includes many tools in the product such as research tools, ezine tools and form building software. Xsitepro does not include these. Many of these tools can be found for free.

Hosting of your site and annual Domain name renewal is packaged into Site-Build-It. With Xsitepro you need to source your own.

Search engine optimization – this is built in to XsitePro with an SEO wizard and the way the site is structured. SBI relies more on content creation.

Community Tips and Resources – XSitePro and SBI both have excellent forums with a good knowledge base.

Next up you need to consider your creativity and desire to control your own projects

XsitePro is clearly far more flexible for long-term project choice and you have a support network for ongoing assistance. SBI is more of a pre-planned solution.

Both XsitePro and SBI have forums and support including passionate users.

Other Points of difference between SBI and Xsitepro

XsitePro is a stand-alone software program for building (marketing oriented) websites. It is desktop based so you can have an offline back-up, and make changes offline for easy upload (speed). This especially suits dial-up operators. SBI is online based, so you can operate it from any computer however you need computer access to work on your website.

XsitePro is particularly fast to learn and use compared to more expensive web building programs such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage. SBI requires more reading prior to using, however once you start using it the prompts are easy to follow. XSP also has tuition videos.

Other considerations are that XsitePro allows a novice web marketer the ability to build in SEO oriented content by prompting certain disciplines. The result is, XsitePro websites tend to produce more Search Engine friendly pages (which brings traffic once indexed in major search engines) than free website builder programs. SBI encourages the content theme more so than structure.

XsitePro is handy for an internet marketer due to the ability to store affiliate details (including login and password storage), create AdSense blocks and make redirect pages with ease. This drastically reduces web set-up time and means changes “on the fly” are possible as affiliate programs change and pages are added.

XsitePro allows you to copy an entire website and change main keywords, colours, page layout and publishing details so that you can quickly create an entirely new website for another market within hours. The advantage of this is you can move into any market as soon as you need to and catch the benefit of being in the right market at the right time. SBI requires a ground up set-up process. This only matters if you plan on building more than one website.

XsitePro users are able to share templates with each other and export into other web programs such as Dreamweaver. Many very experienced webmasters still create websites in XsitePro first then export to Dreamweaver later for very advanced changes because XsitePro is so much faster. SBI is not compatible with other web design programs.

XsitePro owners are able to build websites for anyone either free or paid and then upload to any server once the FTP details are known. As many businesses are recognizing the opportunity of being online as print media becomes less utilized by consumers almost every small business, consultant, medium business and service provider is a potential customer for your website creation services. For a web design business, Xsitepro allows more replication than SBI. If you are just building one website then SBI would be suitable.

So in summary, If you are looking to build an online “business” rather than build websites, SBI may be suitable. If you like everything in one place, SBI is also great for that.

If you are already familiar with the core disciplines of the internet marketing skill set, or you are keen to learn a deeper level, Xsitepro is a good option.